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Hey Toadies,

Just got word from Trailmaster Steve Frank and Ass’t Artie Eipp that our trails now are OFICIALLY CLOSED! There may be some snow out there (not enough!), but due to landowner concerns – farmers and especially golf courses- we are closing our trails. We sure had a GREAT February thanks to our great groomers who worked their butts off. If you see one of them, don’t forget to thank them. We will keep you posted on sign removal and trail clean up.
Our next and last meeting is this Wed. April 1st at Orchard Vali at 7:30. Please come to learn about upcoming events. I hope to see EVERYBODY there!

Thanks everyone


2015 Marcellus/Toad Hollow Raffle

Just about one month to go… To all Toads, please buy a ticket or two or more. I know that some people don’t see many other people & so are hesitant to take a packet of 10 to sell. That’s understandable, but if every club member bought at least one ticket, that’s around $3000 right there! Please support your club!


December Newsletter Up!

Check out the Newsletter section. Here are a few highlights:

  • Big success for the recent rider safety course. Thanks to Darryl Martin and all who put it together.
  • The Cooley Hill trail closed but the club will do it’s best to keep the the hill behind Amber Inn passable and safe.
  • The hill behind Tanner Valley has been reworked again this year with some nice improvements. Big thanks to Jim Donath and Jim Burt for their hard work. If you see them, be sure to thank them.
  • The OCS trail is being planned. Help is always appreciated.
  • Don’t forget the Marcellus/Toad Hollow raffle – $50 to the one who sells the most ticket and $50 for the one who selss the winning ticket!
  • Tanner Valley Winterfest and Vintage show Saturday January 10th. Chicken BBQ too!
  • Vintage Sled ride out of Tanner on January 24th. More info at the next meeting.



Trail Work Wednesday Morning!

Hi Toads,

Trailmaster Steve Frank has called for trail work this Wednesday Dec. 3 at 9:30am. We will meet at Steve’s garage on Otisco Rd. We can get into Ralph Volles’ fields now, so Steve want to get as much done as possible while the weather is O.K. We know people have to work, but for everyone that can makeit, please show up!
Thanks everyone.



Trail Work, Groomer Meeting – Sat 10/18

There will be trail work this Saturday (Oct. 18th) at 9:00am to redeck the bridge in the Sugarbush. The plan is to meet on Norton Rd. where our trail crosses. Please bring screw guns, tape measures, hammers, etc. We need a good turnout.

Also, for anyone interested in grooming this year, we are having a meeting at 2:00pm on Saturday (again the 18th) at Dave Donath’s house on Tanner & Bussey Rd’s. We hope to get a plan together for the upcoming season, figure out what the groomers need before the season starts, and do a schedule.  If you want to groom, it is very important that you be there.


Bridge Work Saturday 10/4, 9:30am

Trailmaster Steve Frank has called for trail work this Saturday, Oct. 4th, to do work on the bridge in the Sugarbush that got washed out this year. The plan is to meet at 9:30 am on Bussey Rd. where the trail crosses. Bring wheelers if you got ‘em and hammers and drills. We need to redeck it and fix the railings.
For more info call Artie at 492-4718 or 380-4697 or call me at 446-4881 or 447-2070.


Bridge Work, Saturday 9/27/14 – 9am

Hi all Toadies,
It’s that time of year again—Trail work time!! We will start this year repairing the bridge in the Sugarbush that got partially washed away this year. We’re going to support it with some steel and weld it (courtesy of BJ Dorfer). The plan is to meet at 9:00 am on Bussey Rd. where our trail crosses. Artie will be doing prep work on Wed, Thurs. or Fri. and is looking for help. If you can help on any of these days, please call his cell at 380-4697. Thank you all very much!! Let’s have a good turnout!!