September 2013

Trails: Trail work will begin the beginning of October. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! We have several bridges in our trail system that need maintenance and trails to be marked. Stay tuned to our website and or facebook for further trail work. If you are on our e-mailing list, we will also email you. If you are not on our
email list, but would like to be, contact Tim Taylor at 446-4881 or 447-2070 with your email address.


The trails officially open this year on December 21st. That is the first day after muzzle loader season ends. Please respect our generous landowners and stay off the trails until then. If you see someone breaking the rules, tell them they are!

For a copy of the NYSSA trail signage guides, click here. The guidelines have changed somewhat with much emphasis placed on crossings and Intersections.

Be sure to visit the gallery for pics of this year’s as well as past year’s trail work. Also Please try to volunteer some time to help get the trails ready. It really is quite a big job and the more the merrier. What other time do you get a chance to tour some beautiful country side on a Saturday afternoon?

Click the map below to have a look at the trails (credit to the Marcellus club for putting this map on their site from where I “borrowed” it :>)