Welcome to the online home of the Toad Hollow Trail Riders. Founded in 1973, the overall goal of our club is to promote fun, safe and organized use of snowmobiles. We are constantly seeking to maintain, repair and improve our trail system in Onondaga County. Our club meets the first Wednesday of every month at Orchard Vali Golf Course, Route 20, Lafayette at 7:30pm. Check out our Facebook page for all of our upcoming events (no login required!). We do our best to get it up to date as quick as we can, but please check back often.

If you are interested in joining the Toads, click the link below for a printable PDF version of our membership application. Of course, for anyone with internet access (reading this!) it is really easy to register on line. Go to NYSSA’s website fill out the form and voila! Simple aye? See you on the trails!

Toad Hollow Membership Application

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Dick Flood accepting a Toad's lifetime achievement award.

Dick Flood accepting a Toad’s lifetime achievement award. (as in, you’ve been in the club the longest Dick, so we got you a plaque).