To all the frustrated riders,
The Club feels your pain and we are very sorry. The timing certainly could not have been any worse. The reason we closed the trails is that because of the beautiful weather previous to this storm, the farmers were anxious to get in their fields. We had three different farmers ask us to take down our signs. Being that our trails are on THEIR land at THEIR pleasure, we felt compelled to oblige them. Just as a point of information, Lafayette has taken their signs down and Tully started to take their signs down. Also,’s Dave Figura interviewed NYSSA’s Trail Coordinator Jim Rolf, who says that a lot of clubs have removed their signs and closed their trails. Here is a link to that:
We also checked the weather history on March 14th and 15th going back to 2001, and there has not been rideable snow in any of those years. Usually there has been 0 inches on the ground. I know this doesn’t change the fact that we have snow NOW and could ride if we didn’t close the trails. Again, we are very sorry!
In looking at all the people that expressed their discontent, we did not see any names that we usually see on our meeting sign-in sheets. If you attend the meetings, you can be part of the decision making process. Believe me, taking the signs down was discussed at length at our last meeting.
So, please accept our apologies. We respectfully ask that you renew with us next year, and please, come to a meeting (and volunteer)!

Tim Taylor
Board Member