Tip to Tail, First Ride

Headed out at 07:30 this morning for the first real ride of the year. I made my way up to the Quickway gas station on 175 last night to fill up and that was relatively painless, but there is a new house being built on 175 so more road riding is required.

So this morning it was about 20F and cloudy. From Arties down to Norton Road was fine, lots of fluff in the fields still. The power line has a huge water hole (as usual) so I made my way around it on the way back. Power line toward Norton Road was fine, a few small open muddy spots. Norton south was again fluffy in the big field before the woods and the Sugarbush woods are in good shape. The bridge at the bottom looks good.


From Bussey road down I found a nice improvement in that the trail down to the bottom takes a more straight line now, there isn’t an immediate left as you enter the down hill. Smooth riding all the way to Tanner Valley. Golf Course is good, but watch for the low hanging branches along Tanner Road (no standing up in that section!). The “side hill” section just after the golf course to get to the field is messy, looks like someone got a little off the trail and had to work it to get out, leaving some pretty deep ruts. The bridge at the bottom of the big hill is looking great, as is the entire section to the next pipe line. Awesome job widening that out, its like you are on a luge run!


The view from the top of the pipeline hill was, as always, awesome. Snowy trails all the way up to Fox Road.

Fox and Bailer Rd crossing is a bit messy still, so be cautious there. I’m sure it will get mashed down in no time. Route 20 crossing was fine, banks weren’t too high and the field down to Hogsback was again snowy. No bare spots to speak of. The new bridge just before hogs back was fine, but the field just south of it was kinda muddy.


Continuing south to Hunt Rd is slightly different this year. Previously you would come through into the large field and beeline it toward Hunt. Now the trail takes you down the side of the field, hooking a left as you get to the end and following the filed edge to get to Hunt. No big deal, but be aware of it. In between Hunt and Buckwheat was fine, with a few open water spots (no surprise there really). Up through Therm City and down the large Buckwheat Rd field was snowy and blowing pretty good. Bridges look good. At the end of that field you hit the murky/swampy section before getting to Wright Rd. Its a bit messy still, so be careful. There is also large (LARGE) tree down pretty much right at the entrance of the swampy section making it sort of tough to figure out how to go. This again should be beaten down in no time I’m sure.

Crossed Wright and Finlon, snowy and snowy and took the new path toward the new Finlon bridge (down along the edge of the field). Signs look good (if I do say so myself) and there should be no question on which way to go through that field). Bridge looked great:


Hit the tail end around 09:00 and turned around, but not before taking a pic of the Rev in front of our sign:


On the way back I hit the Fish Gulf Road and stretched the MXZs legs a little. Was in great shape and plenty of snow. The trail was a little narrow still so be aware in the corners.

Over all I give this a solid 8 out of 10, especially for a first ride. Hell, I can’t recall the last time I was able to ride our trails opening day, so I’ll take it! See you all out there.



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  1. Jeff

    Nice RR as usual. I followed your trail out this afternoon, from Onondaga Hill all the way to Canty Hill. I kept going from there until Preble.

    I ran into a major trail change south of Ryan Rd. After you go through that little swampy section, you used to go up a hill, get a good look at Otisco Lake, and then ride some fields. Now they have rerouted the trail away from the hill, and worse yet, have you going about a 1/2 mile on a road. The road is marked poorly. Do you guys know what’s going on?

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