Trails update

Today me and Jeff rode from his house on Onondaga Hill to Jacks Reef. We had never gone there before but were up for the challenge! Some of trial signage was confusing but we managed to find our way with the help of a fellow sledder. We wanted to follow C5 all the way but ended up taking S53. Even on our way back we couldn’t find C5 into Elbridge.We stopped into Trappers for a beer but they don’t have food so we ate at Port of Call which is about 100 yards away. Port of Call was much nicer. I’m a big fan of dirt bag bars but Trappers was depressing!!!

Trails were pretty good. I think we finally have enough snow so that I don’t feel guilty about trashing my sled! There was some good drifts and where you get a little squirrily….FUN! We ran into Darryl at both places and he said up North a little there was large amounts of snow. And more to come tonight!!


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  1. It’sfeb. 19th and some things never change .Riding on very ungroomed trails where the signage has been run over last week at nite in a whiteout gets u places u didn’t want to be in the current whiteout .needless to say the kids in this neck o’ the woods could care less ! They run short distances and rip it up in u’r face to show u how cool they r . but don’t have a clue about reality .When sat. I just about broad sided one o’ them in broad daylite between Jack’s Reef and the store 100 ft. away because he passed me @ 70 mph and turned right in front o’ me to stop and talk to his buddies . thought is was funny until, my helmet was swinging, My WIFE has greater power than she knows ! PLEASE DON’T TELL HER . We finished another 30 mile away .

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