Sorry I haven’t done an update lately, I’ve been trying to get on this blog. Rich must be a LOT more computer savvy than me (or he was invited). Anyway, we were up to see Brian last night (Wed.) and he is doing better. They are trying to get him off the coma medicine, but sometimes when he wakes up, he tries to pull his tubes out. They’ve got to find a balance in the medicine to keep him out and calm, but to have him breath on his own. He has started to breath on his own (40% of the time) and the medical staff is confidant it will improve. Just going to take a LOT OF TIME. Brian’s wife Barb is amazingly strong! She is very upbeat and positive. I don’t know how she is going to the hospital for hours every day, while still working at her daycare, and taking care of David! The Howlett Hill Fire Dep’t is also helping out with rides for her. At some point the Fire Dep’t wants to do a benefit. More info as it becomes available. Even though Brian is in intensive care, you CAN go see him. They allow visitors 2:30 to 8:00 pm, and only 2 people in the room at a time. He is in University Hospital ( Upstate) on floor 6E in the burn unit (ICU). Go up and see him!!

Jeff, this blog is an awesome idea to keep everyone updated in trails, rides and general info. I haven’t been out on our trails yet, but maybe (?) this weekend. I know how much work everyone did on the trails and on signing, so it’s nice to hear everyone is so pleased.

Todd Gardner had out little Alpine groomer out last Sat. night and said it works SWEET! Also Jim Donath was out with our Bombi , doing what he can with the little snow. THANK YOU GUYS!!!

I would like to urge everybody to come to our meeting on Wed. Feb 7. We will have all the Poker Run info there. This year between us and Marcellus it should be an unbelievable time. We will have great food at Orchard Vali and Dan Horst’s new band, “Fully Loaded” will be playing. They are GREAT!! Please make sure you attend!!!

Ride Safe!!!

Tim T.


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