Some is better than none..

O-Hill got 4-5 inches last night so I headed out around 1pm today to see how the rest of the area faired. Well, there is good news and bad news. the good news is nothing melted :>). the bad news is most of the area got very little. From Arites to Norton Rd is looking good. Down through Sugarbush to tanner Valley got a pinch and that helped somewhat, but corners and hills are still icy. Heading south frm Tanner Valley the pipeline is holding it’s own but again it’s pretty icy so be aware of that.

I made the run down to Orchard Vali and that was pretty nice. The groomer had been out and smoothed things along so that was cool. Circling back up I decided to shoot down to Amber to get some gas. Fishgulf road is pretty smooth, but pretty thin. Definitely be careful in those corners as you can easily push right through them. The trail down to Amber wasn’t bad but icy underneath. There is still enough meat there to make it up fine, at least for me anyway.

Like I said, some is better than none so I say have at it. Who knows when we’re going to get more.


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