The song remains the same..

Cool ride to Song Mtn today from home. Again some of the trails are getting thin in the corners and some of the corn fields are showing their wear, but overall, we made it there and thats what counts. The hills in and out of Sugarbush are getting icy as is the trail behind Tanner Valley so be aware of that. Some open water but really not too bad. Most fields were decent but some of the corn fields were rough. If we get 6 inches more, we’re good to go I think.

Man I have to say, our trail signing kiks ass… Not that others clubs’s signage isn’t adequate, but ours really rocks. The Steve’s (Frank and Chiore) and the rest of the boys (you know who you are) put in alot of extra effort this year and you can really tell. When you see those guys make sure you mention it and say thanks.

The sledders had a good showing in the Song parking lot and despite the pokey waitress, it was and nice to get out and stretch the riding legs again and hang with fellow sledders. On the way back it seemed Tanner had a bit of business as well which is cool. That seems like a great place to trailer and drop at and I know I’ll be recomending it to my non O-Hill buddies.

They are calling for some snow this week so hopefully we’ll all be out enjoying it soon.


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  1. That waitress was a little testy!!

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