it could be worse….

Well, we had the first real ride Friday on the TH trails. As the title states, it could be worse, and if fact, it has been. Me, Richie and his brother Jamie headed out Friday afternoon around 4 from my house (Onon Hill) hit the Quickway and were off. The first leg (from Arties down thru sugarbush) wasn’t too bad. Some thin spots in corners but the hills were passable (no studs on mine) and the fields were actually pretty nice.

We decided to head west from 20 out toward marcellus figuring the lake effect machine was nice to them. It actually was (3-4″ fresh snow) and we were the first tracks out past nightengales. We made our way out past Baltimore woods but soon lost the trail after a long wooded section so we bagged it and headed back to TH and decided to hit up Ochard Vali.

It was my first time on the OV trail (other then driving my Blazer through with the rest of the trail work crew back in December to mark it :>). Man, what a freekin sweet ride. Long straights thru rows of apple trees; Fun-ass drop offs coming down thru the orchard to 20 and finishing it out with a fun run across the Golf course. Had a bite to eat, ran into some fellow Toads and warmed up (it was 7F according to the OV thermometer).

Back up thru the Orchard trail and heading home I spotted the “ribbon” somewhere behind the golf course and we eventually ran into Jim D with the groomer making his way up out of Tanner Valley toward Norton Road. What a cool sight seeing that thing chugging through the woods. A quick hello to Jim and thats that, it was freekin cold out and I was full on ready for the recliner :>)

Overall impression? It could be worse…it could still be raining. Until next time, think snow.